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Agitator Introduction

Brief Introduction of Agitator

  •  CPE has about 60 years experience in the design and supply of agitators.
  •  CPE agitators are widely used in the food, wine, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, water and waste water treatment industries.
  •  CPE agitators service approximately 70% of the Australian market and have been exported to many countries and regions around the world.
  • The features of CPE agitators are:  high-efficiency, lower power consumption with energy savings up to 40%.
  •  CPE agitators can be manufactured in our facilities located in Australia and China.

Features  of High Efficiency Hydrofoil Agitators

The key feature of CPE’s hydrofoil agitator is the highefficiency RTF4 impeller. The RTF4 hydrofoil delivers high volumetric flow rates whilst drawing less power.

RTF4  Impeller Features:

The RTF4 blade is slim at the tip where the speed is greatest and wider at the base where the speed is lowest.
This shape results in uniform flow across the impeller diameter producing the most efficient pumping action. 
The twist in the RTF4 blade is gradually decreases from the inner hub out toward the tip. This creates an even velocity profile whilst minimizing turbulence behind the impeller blades.
The key to high pumping is the arch of each blade, which is geometrically shaped to travel through the liquid at a shallow angle with the leading edge whilst allowing the trailing edge to direct powerful currents downwards.  
Both the leading and trailing edges are profiled to minimize turbulence.  This also has the added benefit of reducing erosion caused by particle to blade collision .

Pumping Capacity and  Power Consumption

●The flow generated and the energy consumed by an agitator (just like a  pump) are determined by published formulae that recognize the degree of work required to create process change. 
● An agitator impeller is characterized by its Power Number, Np, and its primary Pumping Number, NQ. 

●The relationship between power number and pumping number defines the efficiency of an impeller. These numbers are constant for a given geometry.

● Therefore the agitator evaluation will be a function of torque required to provide a given pumping capacity.

 Impeller Flow


Scale of Agitation 

Levels are from 1 to 9.  Each increment of intensity scale will provide a distinct difference in process performance. For example, the illustration below indicates the difference in solids suspension outcomes as the intensity scale increases.

Applications of CPE Agitators

CPE designs and manufactures process equipment for the wine, food, mineral processing, chemical, water and waste water  industries. 




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